Employment law

A major part of our work is representing clients in all areas of employment and labour law.

As well as drafting contracts, enforcing claims and advising our clients on corporate restructuring and transfers of undertakings, another of our strengths is comprehensive conflict management. We focus not only on legal advice but also on the economic aspects, in order to reach the best overall solution.

Our extensive court experience makes us your resolute partner in employment law proceedings and before administrative bodies, and your expert adviser prior to such proceedings in order to identify and prevent conflicts at an early stage.

We are your partner for employment and industrial relations law as well as public service law – for employees, national and international companies, staff representatives and interest groups, and relevant institutions.

Insolvency law and restructuring

As experts in insolvency law, we manage difficult situations together with our clients. We believe that in every crisis there is the chance of a new beginning. Our work focuses on restructuring the company, which means taking the right steps and making the right decisions in a timely manner. In both judicial and extra-judicial restructuring proceedings, there are various measures to be taken. At times of crisis, contracts must be drafted and legal actions taken so as to be uncontestable; sales of companies must be secured and relationships with employees, suppliers and customers stabilised. With many years of practical experience and extensive legal and economic expertise, we pave the way for restructuring together with our clients. Authorised members of corporate bodies are particularly affected by this kind of situation, and legal advice given in a timely manner can avoid subsequent liabilities and claims for damages. We also assist private clients in regulation proceedings aimed at obtaining relief from debt.

We also regularly act as court-appointed administrators in insolvency, and are therefore familiar with the problems of insolvency and restructuring from all perspectives: as counsel for creditors or debtors, representatives of investors and administrators in insolvency.

Business and company law

We are your partner in all relevant aspects of business law, from establishing a business to developing an appropriate form for your future business strategy, acquiring entities and enforcing claims, in both the competitive market of your industry and your particular corporate structure. With our close network of tax advisors and experts in other areas, we will provide the right solution for you.

Criminal law/responsibility of associations

Even if you exercise a high degree of care, you may still face criminal charges. We support you as legal advisors and defence counsel in this situation, drawing on our expertise in criminal law and many years of experience in this area with the courts. In particular, we are your expert partner on questions of labour and employment law, and on the responsibilities of board members, directors and executives in the increasingly important area of white collar crime.

Commercial agency law

We provide comprehensive legal advice on national and international trade agreements, from drawing up contracts to potential legal disputes, as well as advice and representation on the relationship between agent and principal in the enforcement and defence of commission and compensation claims.

Competition law

Any competitor is entitled to take legal action against another’s anti-competitive practices. We aim to identify competition law pitfalls in advance, thereby avoiding costly legal proceedings. We will assist you in preventing a competitor’s unfair business practices, and we will support you in defending claims.

Damages and warranty law

Where legislation permits compensation for damage suffered, we provide reliable assistance in enforcing your claims for damages, loss of earnings, compensation for mutilation and damages for pain and suffering, as well as in enforcing contractual warranty claims.

Medical law and medical practitioners' liability law

Health care is becoming more strictly regulated and bureaucratic. Medical practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical aids increasingly feel the economic pinch; on the other hand, patients are able to enforce potential claims more efficiently. We will show you the rights and options to which you are entitled , as well as your responsibilities. Our work focuses on the legal relationship between practitioner and patient, and on the regulatory framework governing the medical and dental professions. Our expertise in pursuing and defending liability claims comes from our long-standing lecturing activities in this field, and from our long-running experience in the courts.

Property law

We provide comprehensive advice on property investments in both the planning and implementation phases, on the drawing up of contracts and through rendering legal advice in your property development project.



Social law

It is essential to have regard for the appropriate provisions of social law, and not only in designing contracts for work and services or employment contracts. We represent you both in administrative proceedings before the relevant public law authorities, and in court for the enforcement of pensions and other benefit entitlements.


Tenancy law and residential law

Lease agreements on business premises and tenancy agreements on flats are the legal basis of economic development. Drafting contracts and enforcing claims under tenancy law in court is part of our everyday business.